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If sports were the food pyramid, I think football would be the pharaoh telling the other sports to build the pyramid for him.



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I'm just a guy with something to say about things most people don't care about. I love to write, I love sports, I love to make videos, I love to act, and I love creating music, so it was inevitable that this would spring up among other things.
I've been a Browns (and somehow, Raiders) fan since I was a kid, way back when my dad used to take me and my brother to the old Municipal Stadium to see them play. It's a bit harder to see them now what with the whole now living in Columbus instead of a suburb half-an-hour from the stadium, but I get by. And no, there's nothing wrong with ending that sentence in a preposition.

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Love Punch, Baby! posted on 12/22/2008

There's a reason I didn't post a blog after the Browns-Eagles game.  That reason carried over to why I didn't post after the Bengals-Browns game, and it partially explains why I'm posting this one (technically two) day(s) later while everyone else is asleep.  I didn't come to terms with it until just a couple hours ago, but here we go:

The Browns have the players to compete and win, but not the staff.

There, I said it.  This isn't a new thought by any stretch of the imagination, though.  I began thinking this around Week 5 or 6 while watching the Browns try to rush the passer.  It was then that I thought 'Hey, is it me or do the guys in the Brown jerseys just try to move in a straight line toward the quarterback for every pass?'  This continued to carry over into Week 7 and 8, when I thought the same thing, but amended it to 'Do the guys in the Brown jerseys just try to move in a straight line toward the quarterback for every pass

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Psychological Hope: The Winslow-Patrick Conundrum posted on 12/12/2008

Just when I thought I wouldn't have anything to work off of until just before game time, in comes a report that Kellen Winslow did something no one would have expected him to do.  I don't mean that he sat down at his locker and started dealing Tarot cards to the coaching staff, I mean that he said he hopes to come back and play for the Browns next season.

What?!  That can't be!  Wasn't he the guy that called out the ownership for not checking in on him during that bout with a staph infection?  That was supposed to be the nail in the free agent coffin!  But wait, this was the same guy who last season broke down in tears of joy after a Browns victory, not because it was a rarity like this season, but because it helped the team reach beyond the mediocrity line of one game above five hundred, a sign that maybe the team could do some good for its city.

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Browns Staff and Quarterbacks: Scramble! SCRAMBLE! posted on 12/08/2008

I've been putting off writing this particular entry for awhile.  I was with my parents as my mother's birthday was yesterday.  I had on my Joe Jurevicius jersey, casually flipping a mini Browns football back and forth with my dad, and breaking down with both of them what was going on in the game.  Usually it was me trying to explain the Browns' play calls with logic, which became more and more challenging as the game went on.

 Where do I begin?  I could understand that the old NFL adage is that when you are putting in a new quarterback, you lean on the running game, but not when the running game is trying to lean into the Titans' run defense.  I understood trying to get the short pass working to avoid getting a ton of pressure on Ken Dorsey, but not only did the pressure get to him anyway, the short passing game doesn't work if you never take a shot downfield.  If I had a mutated third hand growing out of my shoulder, I still wouldn't have enough fingers to count how many times Dorsey threw it to the safety valve, especially on third down, at which point the receiver was almost immediately tackled.  Everyone talked about how no one knew the Browns offense better than Ken Dorsey, but that doesn't help when the play-calling comes down to "hand it off and pray."  Besides, Ken is not mobile.  At all.  Peyton Manning's running game is like Jim Brown to Dorsey's Cedric Benson.  Thinking he could stand back there and wait for routes to develop was a horrible idea.

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From Buc to Brown. Hello, Bruce! posted on 12/02/2008

Well, it's done. Brady Quinn, in what could be called an "I-learned-my-lesson" move, is having surgery on his broken finger and will be off of it for about ten weeks.  On the plus side, he should be good again to sign autographs when the next auto show rolls through the I-X Center.

Now on to the real news, because something this insignificant has really gotten me thinking for some reason.  To have more than one and a half quarterbacks ready for the Titans game, the Browns signed Bruce Gradkowski.  The moment I heard that, the name hit me like a bolt of lightning.  I knew who Bruce was... I just couldn't remember him, so I did some searching.  Remember when Chris Simms was the Bucaneers quarterback and he somehow busted open his spleen during a game,

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Hatred, Chaos, and the Lack of a Panic Button posted on 12/01/2008

Don't worry, I'll take the fall for Week 13.  All of it.  The lack of Browns touchdowns, the fumble for a Colts touchdown, Derek Anderson's knee touching down in such a way that his MCL resembles a biological kaleidoscope of pain, Ken Dorsey not completing a pass, Kevin Shaffer getting forced to eat his own pancakes, all of it.

Things are bad in Browns Town.  Real bad.  Derek Anderson,  who wasn't that awful, but wasn't that good (16/26, 110 yard, no touchdowns and no picks) is done.  His knee is more unstable than Romeo's job status.  With that Ken Dorsey has to start with--dare I say---Joshua Cribbs possibly backing him up?  Hey, at least if Cribbs plays and throws a pick, we know he'll chase down whoever has the ball and make him pay for it.

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