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I'm just a guy with something to say about things most people don't care about. I love to write, I love sports, I love to make videos, I love to act, and I love creating music, so it was inevitable that this would spring up among other things.
I've been a Browns (and somehow, Raiders) fan since I was a kid, way back when my dad used to take me and my brother to the old Municipal Stadium to see them play. It's a bit harder to see them now what with the whole now living in Columbus instead of a suburb half-an-hour from the stadium, but I get by. And no, there's nothing wrong with ending that sentence in a preposition.

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If sports were the food pyramid, I think football would be the pharaoh telling the other sports to build the pyramid for him.



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That United one with the States in it

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Baldwin-Wallace College


Bachelor's in English, Minor in Theatre with Political Science studies

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