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Cleveland Browns posted on 12/13/2011

Taking the Browns to the Toilet Bowl...

Really? Really, Cleveland? You came back to the NFL, and you still haven't produced a professional football team! As a Browns' fan, it's embarrassing, truly embarrassing.

Year in and year out, I watch the Browns regress. I watch my beloved Browns get spanked by the Ravens and Steelers. If we actually beat those teams, made the playoffs, and won the Super Bowl, I wouldn't know how to act. I'm so numb to losing that I'm not sure how to react after a win. I just expect to lose-how pessimistic. It's difficult being a Browns' fan, so I feel your pain as a die-hard fan. I can't even accept the Steelers or Ravens as our rivals. You have to win some games against your opponents to consider them rivals.

So, what is the actual problem? Coaching, management, players, a combination of all three? Let's take a look.

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Cleveland Browns: The Losing Continues posted on 01/10/2011

I was sitting in my living room yesterday, watching the Eagles-Packers game, and my Dad--out of nowhere--said, "Can you believe that it has been about 20 years since we had a good team? Earlier today I saw a stat about how Bernie Kosar took us to the playoffs in his first three years in the NFL."

I started to think about it, and he was right. Yes, Bill Belichick took us to the playoffs, but didn't the Steelers knock us out in the second round? Yes, Butch Davis took us to the playoffs, but didn't the Steelers knock us out in the first round? Yes, Romeo Crennel led us to a 10-6 record, but didn't we fail to reach the playoffs? If anything, we have been consistent-consistently bad.

How bad are we?

Our new team has been back in the league since 1999, and we are still the laughing stock of the AFC, possibly the NFL. It's truly debatable. For argument's sake, just look at the teams in front of us in the draft.

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Cleveland Browns: Are You Kidding Me? We Couldn't Even Beat the Bucs! posted on 09/15/2010

Are you kidding me? Did you watch that game? It was a tale of two halves...well, kinda.

First Half:

Well, we looked pretty good in the first quarter. Even with Pork Chop Floyd and John St. Clair anchoring the right side, we still moved the chains. Peyton Hillis ran tough, Jake Delhomme looked sharp, and the defense played with an attitude. Unfortunately, we didn't play flawless football. We turned the ball over and Delhomme tweeked his right ankle. But, that didn't stop our team. We not only dominated the stat department, but we took a 14-3 lead with two minutes left in the second quarter. It was feasible that we could punch in one more score before the half, but that didn't happen. Around mid-field, Delhomme was chased out of the pocket and made an ill-advised chuck which was intercepted. Ronde Barber, who made the pick, took the ball down to the three yard line. One play later, the Bucs punched in a TD, making the half-time score, 14-10, Browns. That's right. Instead of taking a 17-3 or maybe even a 21-3 into the half, the Browns hung on to a 4-point lead. Boo!

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posted on 03/30/2010

Okay, after I posted that we haven't done anything in free agency, we made a little splash!


It was no secret that we were going to release DA; it was just a matter of time. If the Browns would have kept him, they would have owed him bonus money. Also, I wish we would have gotten more for Brady Quinn. Peyton Hillis, FB, is a nice player, but how does he fit in our backfield? Furthermore, who will start at QB? If money talks, free agent, Jake Delhomme, will start over Seneca Wallace, who we got from Seattle in a trade. Delhomme spent two years in a West Coast Offense, while Wallace has six years of experience--all with Mike Holmgren.

In my opinion, Ben Watson was a nice pickup. Hopefully, we will get into the end zone more, and Watson could help us get there. Who else could help? Tony Pashos, anchoring the right side of the line. I could see Floyd Womack at right guard and John St. Clair moving to a backup role. I don't think that we will miss Hank Fraley, but why didn't we make an offer to Rex Hadnot. He seemed like a serviceable lineman.  

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Cleveland Browns: Free Agency Begins... posted on 03/07/2010

So, free agency began last Thursday, and we signed no one.

Defensively, what are our needs? Many believe that we need a safety, a cornerback, and a linebacker who could put some pressure on the QB. So, what was or is out there?

As far as CBs, there aren't many A-listers. Maybe, that's why some teams, like the Jets, traded for one. However, there are some quality unrestricted FAs like Dunta Robinson, but he signed with the Falcons. Another FA is Leigh Bodden, but does he really want to come back to the Browns? The other FAs are either restricted, aging vets, or inconsistent players, such as Dre Bly, Nick Harper, and Ken Lucas. But, don't we have enough of those types of players?

As far as safeties, Antrel Rolle signed with the Giants. So, what's left? Would you take a flyer on Ryan Clark of the Steelers, an aging Darren Sharper, or an inconsistent Roy Williams, who last played for the Bengals? Ryan Clark seems to be an interesting find, especially if we steal him away from one of our division rivals. But once again, many of these FAs are restricted, aging, or inconsistent.

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