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My name is Michael Mayer, but I go by Mike. I am currently 19 years old and I am attending CSUN (California State University, Northridge), where I am majoring in Broadcast Journalism. I am one of the biggest sports fans alive and plan on studying to become a sports broadcaster in the near future. I love virtually ever sport there is on this planet with the exception of a few.

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My name is Mike and I am the resident sports guy in Chatsworth



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(818) 448-0115

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lakerm2000 (Add Buddy, Send Message)


Cleveland Sports, Los Angeles Lakers, Movies, Music (Rock), Sports Broadcasting


I like to play basketball, whether it be in my backyard or on my Playstation 2. I love to watch movies and tv.


I dislike frontrunners in sports

I would like to ...

Become a Sportscaster in the near future

Level of Education

12th Grade

High School

Chatsworth High School

University / College

Cal State University, Northridge

Main Skills

I know almost everything about sports.

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