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Who am I?

I am a huge sports fan, but I am a die-hard NFL fan. I grew up raised on the Cleveland Browns, so I'm an avid fan of the team. My family has season tickets, and I try to catch a game as often as I can.

I have lived in Boston for a long time now, though. I enjoy the Patriots, as they helped me get through the Browns-less years of 1996-1999. It's been great seeing the Patriots build a dyntasty--even though most of America hates them.

I will post blogs mostly about the NFL. I will bring my honest opinion to the table, and I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to write any comments.


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Memo To Favre: You Need To Give It One More Year posted on 03/05/2008

This isn't going to be an entry that gushes over Brett Favre and suggests that he never retire because he's "great for the game."  I don't deny that, Favre was an incredible quarterback--one could argue he is a top five quarterback of all time.

He was also the most durable player to ever play the game.  Playing the position of quarterback is the toughest of all sports, and signal callers in the NFL get beaten to a bloody pulp.  It wasn't that Favre never got injured, it's just that he was able to push through it.  Favre started a mind-boggling 253 starts, a streak I'm comfortable in feeling that no one will break in my lifetime.


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Steroids: Contrasting Football and Baseball posted on 02/19/2008

Hank Steinbrenner has recently come out and stated that he doesn't "like baseball being singled out" when it comes to the attention by media and congress over the steroids issue.  He later commented, "Everybody that knows sports knows football is tailor-made for performance-enhancing drugs. I don't know how they managed to skate by. It irritates me. Don't tell me it's not more prevalent. The number in football is at least twice as many. Look at the speed and size of those players."


 I will give Steinbrenner some credit.  I do think it is amazing that guys like Shawne Merriman and Rodney Harrison--two prominent defensive players in the NFL--can test positive for steroids/HGH and no one truly seem to care.  Do fans not care about the integrity of the game?  Do fans and maybe even media enable these players because they want to see brutal collisions on the field?

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Enough Is Enough, Already! posted on 02/17/2008

Haven't we all had enough of spygate, already?


I don't condone cheating, in sports or otherwise, but this is just getting ridiculous.

Doesn't Senator Specter have anything else to worry about?  While I do care about fair play in the NFL, I am much more concerned about some of the awful officiating this season than whether or not the Patriots may or may not have benefited from video taping signals.

What's lost in this "controversy" is that while the Patriots did indeed cheat, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has conceeded that opposing coaches are seen waving at the camera on these recently destroyed video tapes.  If this is indeed the case, then this means that coaches within the NFL knew that New England was video taping them.  If this was such a big deal, why wouldn't opposing teams blow the whistle on the Patriots before now?

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EA Sports Extends Exclusive Contract with the NFL posted on 02/12/2008


If you're a fan of Madden and have no problems with the game, then this is good news.  If you were an NFL 2K fan, or feels Madden has significant issues that have lingered for years, then break out the tissues.  According to Joystiq.com, EA Sports has extended its exclusive contract with the NFL through the 2012.  EA Sports will now be the sole company capable of making NFL video games (with its huge money-making series Madden) for the next five years.

Here's a link to the article (also posted below):


Those hoping to get their NFL gaming fix from anywhere other than EA anytime soon are apparently in for a long wait: EA revealed today that it had extended its exclusive contract with the organization until the end of the 2012 season, which falls in February of 2013. A similar deal was also made with the NFL players association.

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Dream Season Over, Off-Season Begins (January 2, 2008) posted on 02/11/2008

On Sunday, the Cleveland Browns won their tenth game of the season against a San Francisco team in disarray. A season that started off so poorly in Week 1 resulted in expectations being surpassed for Browns’ fans.

On Sunday night, however, the dream ended in disappointing fashion. After having not beaten the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 16 to allow entrance into the playoffs, the Browns needed the Tennessee Titans to lose to the Indianapolis Colts.  Browns’ fans were teased and given hope, as the Colts’ backups managed to take a three point lead in the third quarter. It was evident, though, that the Colts’ were highly disinterred in beating their division rival, and they certainly didn’t have the personnel to do so. The Titans won the game 16-10, and sent the Browns into the off-season on a frustrating note.

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